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Where Can I Watch The Walking Dead?

Where Can I Watch The Walking Dead?

Looking for an answer to your question “where can I watch the Walking Dead?” You’re in the right place – in this article we’ll share with you a list of places where you can watch the show.

The Walking Dead is unquestionably one of the best TV series ever. It’s produced for AMC TV which means that it’s very easy to watch all seasons of this show on the Internet (even the day after they were aired).

Below are 5 places where you can watch The Walking Dead – listed in no particular order. Keep in mind that prices vary a lot – you can watch this show for a very low monthly fee at one site or pay for each episode if you’re using another service.

1. Google

The easiest way to find a place where you can watch the show is to go to, type “watch the walking dead episode [blank] season [blank]” and browse through the results. You’ll find numerous sites where you can watch the show online or download it. We don’t recommend this method since most sites that host The Walking Dead episodes do so illegally (such as torrent sites, file sharing sites, etc.). However, you can also find some legal sites this way (many TV sites have an agreement with a TV network to give their subscribers online access to certain shows).



Our most recommended choice. Go to and sign up for their monthly service (it’s very low cost – only $7.99 a month that allows you to watch whatever you want whenever you want). Once you join the site, simply search for The Walking Dead and voila – you can watch the show in very high quality legally. The only drawback is that Netflix may interrupt your watching with some ads. However, when you take into consideration their very low price and the fact that the show is available there instantly after airing on AMC, it’s incredible value for money. As for services similar to Netflix, The Walking Dead is NOT available on Hulu Plus.


If you want to download the show or if you have an Amazon gift card that you want to use, you can consider watching the show or downloading it using Amazon Instant Video. Their prices are as follows: $1.99 for an episode in TV quality, $2.99 for an episode in HD TV. You can stream each episode or download it.

Keep in mind that you pay $1.99 or $2.99 for every episode – not for all episodes. If you’re a collector, you can also consider ordering a Blu-Ray with the complete Walking Dead season 1, season 2, etc. Since is much more expensive than, we only recommend it if you have an Amazon gift card or if you want to download the show (Netflix doesn’t allow to download episodes) or get a Blu-Ray disc with additional content (deleted scenes, behind the scenes, etc.)

4. iTunes

Another place where you can watch the show is iTunes. Just like, iTunes allows you to either buy each episode or buy the entire season. Prices are the same, and both services are equally reputable, so it doesn’t make much difference which one you’ll choose. Below are the links to each season on iTunes:

The Walking Dead, Season 1 – The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, Season 2 – The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, Season 3 – The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead airs on AMC on Sundays. There are reruns of the show from time to time so if you want to watch the past episodes, just check AMC’s TV site to find out when they are going to rerun past episodes.

There you go – four ways to watch the Walking Dead. We recommend joining – you will be able to watch past seasons as well as all new episodes for a very low monthly price. Have fun!

Watch The Walking Dead trailer here:

Most people after watching this trailer can’t wait to check this show. Watch the first episode of The Walking Dead at any of the sites we listed above.